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General French

Our courses are open to anyone wishing to start French from scratch or perfect their French language skills. Perpignan is right in the heart of one of Europe’s leading tourist destinations: the CUEF organises tourism excursions and sociocultural activities so you can find out more about the region.

  • Start French from scratch or perfect your level of French
  • Learn about French culture and civilisation

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Course organization
Level A1 to C2 classes in general French are offered, in accordance with the common European reference framework for languages:
Every week, you can follow:
  • Classes in French language and civilisation
  • Themed workshops
  • A weekly film club
From 1 to 8 weeks
Number of hours: 20 hours per week, from Monday to Friday.

There will be an assessment in the first week to gauge your level.

From June to July :
In June, registration covers French lessons only.
In July, registration covers French lessons and sociocultural activities to help you get the most out of your stay.

  • In June, courses only from 210 €
  • In July, courses and sociocultural activities from 370 €

Professional French

The CUEF can provide you with more than French lessons: it can offer you a fully-fledged course with specific linguistic training and a programme of lectures designed to help you develop your language skills and knowledge in a given professional field.
This course is reserved for students with B1-B2 level.


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Course organization
Number of hours: 72 hours, from Monday to Friday
Every morning :
  • 2 hours of general French
  • 2 hours of legal French
  • 12 hours of lectures in the afternoon
July (3 weeks)

  • 1020 €
Optional: registration for the Professional French Diploma costs 110 €

University Diplomas of Intensive French

The University Diplomas of Intensive French B1 and B2 (DUFI) are aimed at foreign adults or students wishing to improve their basic skills in spoken and written French. They attest to a B1 or B2 level according to the CEFR language proficiency scale. The course takes place over two intensive weeks.
This course is reserved for students with a B1-B2 level: required level B1.1 for the DUFI B1 and B2.1 for the DUFI B2.

  • Improve oral and written communication
  • Reinforce vocabulary and grammatical points
  • Develop knowledge of French culture and civilization
Français Perpignan

Learn more about University Diplomas of Intensive French

Course organization
Two diplomas are offered according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages:

DUFI B1: General French + 2 common thematic courses
DUFI B2: General French + 2 common thematic courses

The student will choose two thematic courses among the 4 proposed:
  • Literature and History: extracts from French literary texts in their historical and cultural context
  • French press and media: French society through the news
  • Culture and society: French cultural and societal characteristics
  • Economic French: French socio-economic model, new economy

In addition to the teaching hours, 4 hours per week (8 hours) of self-study are planned for each student, as well as a research project supervised by the teachers. The presentation of this personal research work is done within the framework of continuous assessment during the training hours of the language and culture courses. Two hours per week are dedicated to the follow-up of students enrolled in this DUFI.

Number of hours: 52 hours divided into 20 hours of classes, 4 hours of personal work and 2 hours of individual follow-up per week, from Monday to Friday over two weeks.

A placement test and an interview are carried out in the first week to assess your level.

June - July (2 weeks)
On request during the academic year

In June, course only: 550€
In July, courses and socio-cultural activities: 760€


Junior Stay

Our partner, FIL - "Français Immesion Loisirs", offers summer immersion courses for young French learners, from 12 to 17 years old, in the heart of the Pyrenees.

Surrounded by qualified and accredited staff, young people from all over the world accompanied by young French people will be able to live a true adventure: French lessons and numerous sportives activities in our beautiful region.
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Date of update January 28, 2023