[2020-21 academic year - update of 10/07/2020]

Registration are open now and to all international students for the 2020-21 academic year.


For all information requests, we thank you for exchanging only by email with the teaching and administrative team. We will do our utmost to continue to answer your questions. However, the processing times for your requests may be extended.
As a reminder, the CUEF is closed from Monday, July 27th to August, 21st.

- for pedagogical questions, Mr. Jean-Louis GREFFARD : greffard@univ-perp.fr
- for questions regarding the certifications (DELF-DALF, TCF), Mrs Anne-Véronique FABRE : anne-veronique.fabre@univ-perp.fr
- for administrative questions, Mrs Michaela RAGUENEAU : michaela.ragueneau@univ-perp.fr
- for questions regarding the accommodation, Mrs Sylvie GONZALEZ : sylvie.gonzalez@univ-perp.fr

Do not hesitate to contact us and we wish you all happy holidays.
The CUEF team

Welcome at CUEF

The University Centre for French Studies boasts 35 years of experience. Every year, the CUEF welcomes several hundred students and teachers from all backgrounds and helps them learn about French language and culture.
We can provide you with support tailored to meet your specific requirements as you pursue your further studies in France, study for a qualification in your home country or bolster your teaching expertise. Our experienced teaching team, working alongside our "Reception, activities and accommodation" service, delivers immersion General French language courses or courses geared towards meeting certain objectives all year round, together with a rich programme of socio-cultural activities.
The CUEF has established itself as a leading provider of courses in French as a Foreign Language in France. It also shares its teaching expertise within the framework of many other international projects, delivering bespoke training programmes for students and teachers. Our centre is accredited  by: Label Qualité FLE.

Nos partenaires

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