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Professional Diploma in French for Legal purposes – B2
The B2 Legal DFP is intended for anyone working or wishing to work with French-speaking lawyers and/or on legal documents written in French.

This diploma attests to the candidate's ability to effectively use the legal language, an instrument of work and expression of French-speaking lawyers.

In addition to a body of knowledge that any legal professional, and particularly a corporate law professional, must have and a general legal culture, the DFP juridique B2 assesses the level of written and oral comprehension and written and oral expression. It emphasizes communication skills and tests know-how through simulations of professional tasks.



DFP Affaires, Juridique, Médical

UPVD student


No UPVD student


Good to know

  • Schedule :
- Every morning: 2 hours of specialty courses and 2 hours of General French courses.
- Conferences and/or meetings with professionals (subject to change).
  • During the training for this exam, the sociocultural and tourist activities are included.
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All about the DFP LEGAL B2 (English version)



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Date of update March 17, 2022