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University degree « Passerelle » – Student in exile

The “Passerelle” University Diploma – Student in exile offers a refresher course in French in order to build a university career or to pursue studies in higher-education.This course is designed for non-francophones students with the status of asylum seeker status, refugee or with a subsidiary protection.This diploma is aimed at a complete course including the teaching of French, orientation and professional integration workshops s, social and cultural activities and an administrative service. It is eligible for aid based on the social criteria of the CROUS.

This diploma is reserved for students living in the Pyrénées-Orientales, with at least A2 level and a high school diploma (baccalaureate or equivalent).



  • Permit to improve French language level
  • Develop methodological and cultural skills for university studies
  • Increase skills and specific vocabulary
  • Guiding the students to enter or to pursue their studies within the French higher education

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Course organization
Duration: 552 lessons hours, from Monday to Saturday.
The courses last up to two semesters. The assessment of the knowledge is done during the whole session, so the presence to every lesson is compulsory.

1 session: Autumn -Spring (September - May)

Selected applicants are exonerated from registration fees.

Terms and conditions for selection and admission
Send an application form with:
  • a CV;
  • a cover letter with your university project;
  • last studies degree;
  • a certification of your French level (if possible);
  • a certificate of status: asylum seeker, a subsidiary protection or a refugee statut.

Deadline to send the application form: 31st of May 2021
After studying the application file , the selected candidates would be called for an interview and for a French level test.

Teaching representative, Mme Mireille Bilger : bilger@univ-perp.fr
Administrative representative, Mme Olivia Derobert : olivia.derobert@univ-perp.fr 

Program partners:


Intensive training in French for academic purposes

This course concerns every non francophone students of Bachelor (year 3), Master 1&2 or PhD level registered at the UPVD and wishing to learn all the necessary skills for a successful university integration in Perpignan.

This course is reserved for students with at least B1 level 

  • Linguistic competences improvement
  • Explanation of the French university culture
  • Introduction to a university study’s methodology

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Course organization
Number of hours: 17h30 teaching.
  • 10h30 remotely teaching: from November 4 to November 25, 2020
  • 7h teaching in classes: Friday December 4 in Perpignan or Friday December 11 in Mende
From November 2 to December 11 2020.

Free, depending of the available places
A certificate will be delivered after the formation.
Registration deadline: Friday October 16, 2020
For any registration, send a request to: cuef@univ-perp.fr
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Date of update March 3, 2021