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Do you want to learn French for professional reasons, to follow your studies in France or just for personal interest?
Our French courses will meet your needs.

The CUEF is recognized by the Label Qualité FLE for the quality of its teaching and its working environment; classes have about 18 students and many socio-cultural activities are provided to make your experience as fruitful as possible.

Studying French at CUEF means studying in total immersion and being a student of the University of Perpignan Via Domitia. Therefore, you benefit all the advantages offered by the city, the region and more.

General French

L'UPVD offers courses lasting one semester open to all students of all levels – from beginner through to advanced (A1-C2). Our courses run throughout the year and are for anyone interested in starting French from scratch or perfecting their skills. Our intermediate and advanced courses combine general French language classes and themed workshops. Each course leads to a University Diploma awarded in recognition of the level of study achieved.
1 semester = 1 level = 1 degree

  • Improve oral and written communication skills
  • Increase vocabulary and knowledge of grammar
  • Expand knowledge of French culture and civilisation

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Course organization
Six diplomas are proposed in accordance with the Common European Reference Framework for Languages :
DUEF A1 & DUEF A2: General French
DUEF B1.1 & DUEF B1.2: General French + 2 common thematic courses
DUEF B2: General French + 4 common thematic courses
DUEF C1 & DUEF C2: General French + 4 common thematic courses

  • French through images (B1.1, B1.2, B2, C1, C2) : contemporary French cinema
  • French through  the press and media (B2, C1, C2) : French society through the news
  • French song and civilization (B1.1, B1.2, B2, C1, C2) : French civilization through the song
  • French and economics (B1.1, B1.2, B2, C1, C2) : French socio-economic model, new economy

Number of hours: 220 hours of lessons divided into 20 hours per week, from Monday to Friday.
An assessment will be conducted in the first week to gauge your level and determine which group you should go in. There will be 11 weeks of lessons and one week of remedial classes. Knowledge will be tested throughout the course; lesson attendance is therefore compulsory.

3 semesters are proposed:
  • Fall (September - December)
  • Spring (January - May)
  • Summer (June - August)

  • 1400 € for one semester
  • 10% discount if you wish to study over two consecutive sessions., ie 2565 € both semesters.

French for Academic purpose courses

The diploma in French for Academic Purpose prepares students for university study. Its aim is to provide them with all the skills they need to study in a French university – the University of Perpignan in particular.
This course is reserved for students with B1 level.

  • Enable students to perfect their French
  • Provide them with an understanding of the specific linguistic features of the academic discipline they have chosen
  • Enable them to assimilate methodological techniques and French university culture

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Course organization
Number of hours: 400 hours of lessons, from Monday to Friday.
The lessons run over two semesters. Knowledge will be tested throughout the course; lesson attendance is therefore compulsory.

  • Fall-Spring (September - May)
  • 3260 € for two semesters

General French : Modules

Our modules are scheduled such that you can organise your timetable and attend the lessons that interest you. These lessons are adapted to meet your needs and availability. By selecting the number of hours that you want to do, you can improve your level of French.
The modules are open to all A2-B1 students.

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  • Improve oral and written communication skills
  • Expand knowledge of French culture and civilisation
Course organization
40-hour package
60-hour package
80-hour package

From September to May

  • 40-hour package: 360 €
  • 60-hour package: 545 €
  • 60-hour package: 720 €
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Date of update April 12, 2022