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You will have access to both University Libraries and will be able to borrow the books.

Unique at the University of Perpignan, a Francophone Space is dedicated to French learners. Here you will find all the methods and manuals you will need.

And you will enjoy a personalized reception.

Year-round activities

The Student Card

The Student Card allows you within the University
  • to pay for your meals,
  • to have coffee,
  • to borrow books from the Library,
  • access to the gym

The Student Card offers you numerous discounts in all cinemas, museums and historical monuments of the European Union. Always keep it with you!

Sports Activities

You benefit from more than 30 different sports activities led by qualified teachers and you have access to a weight room every day of the week.

(20 € of insurance are requested)

The cultural activities of the Student's House

The associations of the Student's House offer many free activities for CUEF students.

The Pass' Culture

Free for CUEF students, this Pass offers you numerous discounts in the main theaters and cultural centers of the city.


Summer Activities

For your arrival, the CUEF invite you to a welcome buffet dinner. The welcome buffet . is a great opportunity to meet other CUEF students and have a cheerful time together.

During the week, every afternoon a bus will pick you up after the class and bring you to different must-seen places of our region: picturesque villages, beaches, museums.

On week-ends, the CUEF offers a full day trip to the most beautiful cities of the region: Carcassonne, Barcelona, ​​Villefranche de Conflent, Montpellier..

Additional activities will be offered as an option (*) for which you will have to register  (museum, canoeing, diving).

Sample  of a summer week schedule:

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Date of update March 20, 2019