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Diplôme Universitaire de Français sur Objectifs Universitaires


This course is only for B1 level students.
Its goal is to give all the necessary skills to better plan your studies ahead in a French University, and more specifically at the University of Perpignan.

This program is about
- Improving French language.
- The linguistic characteristics of the academic discipline chosen by the student.
- The Methodological techniques and the French university culture.

Professors who participate in this training are French professors, as well as professors from various faculties of the University of Perpignan for each subject’s own linguistic characteristics.

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Good to know

  • Length of the training : 26 weeks, 440 hours, 20 hours per week
  • In addition to the language skills, this diploma aims to give all the methodological tips to successfully fulfill Higher Education studies.

DELF B2 : Diplôme d'Études en Langue Française B2

DALF C1 : Diplome Approfondi de Langue Française C1

DELF B2 is required to intgrate a French University.
DALF C1 may be required for some area of studies.

Prices & Dates
Everything you need to know on the DELF
Everything you need to know on the DALF

Good to know:

  • Thoses diplomas are valid for life
  • DELF and DALF receive the recognition enjoyed by all official qualifications awarded by the French Ministry of Education. They are valid everywhere
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TCF DAP : Test de Connaissance du Français pour la demande d'admission préalable

You must take the TCF for DAP if you are not from the European Union and wish to submit an application for Licence 1 or a school of architecture.

Informations, dates, prices and registration

Good to know:

  • You don't need the TCF for DAP if you already have a DELF B2.
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Date of update November 30, 2016