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The French-As-A-Foreign-Language Department of the Library

You will be able to borrow the books of the 2 University Libraries.

Unique at the University of Perpignan, the French as a Foreign Language Department is dedicated to learners of French. You will find all the methods you will need to improve your Language skills.

You will also receive a warm welcome and orientations from a dedicated teacher.

Sport Facilities

Get access to more than 30 different sports courses with qualified instructors and have access to a gym every day of the week.

(20 € insurance are requested)

Cultural Activities, The students house

The Associations of the Maison de l'Etudiant offer many free activities for the CUEF students.
You can choose between the activities below and much more!



The student card

A personal Student Card is given to you when you register. It allows
- to pay for your meals,
- have a coffee,
- borrow books from the Library
- access to the gym
But EVERYWHERE ELSE, the Student Card allows you to enjoy numerous reductions in all the cinemas, museums and historical monuments of the European Union.
Keep it always with you!

Le Pass' Culture

Free for students of the CUEF, this Pass' allows you many discounts in the main concert halls and cultural centers of the city.
Some examples :

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Date of update March 16, 2017