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TEFAQ: The Test for Evaluating French for Access to Quebec
The TEFAQ is a general French test that aims to measure the level of knowledge and skills in French in comprehension and oral expression.
It is recognized by the Quebec Department of Immigration Diversity and Inclusion (MIDI) as part of a formal immigration application.
  • Prices :
Compulsory tests -100 €
Optional tests: Written expression - 50 € / Oral expression - 70 €

TEF Canada: French Assessment Test for Canada
TEF Canada has been designated by Citizenship and Immigration Canada and the Quebec Ministry of Diversity and Inclusion (MIDI) for all economic immigration programs that require, or accept, proof of language proficiency.

Results at TEF Canada are also considered acceptable evidence for Canadian citizenship purposes.

  • Prices :
TEF Canada Federal - 200 €

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Date of update December 21, 2018