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TCF : French Knowledge Test

The TCF is intended for all non-francophone audiences to validate their knowledge of French.

The TCF places candidates on one of the six levels of the CEFR (from A1 to C2).

TCF DAP : French Knowledge Test for preliminary admission application

If you want to register in France, in the first year of a Bachelor's degree (L1) or in a school of architecture and you do not hold the DELF B2 or the DALF, you must go to the TCF specific for preliminary admission application called "TCF for DAP".

TCF ANF : French Knowledge Test for Access to French Nationality

The "TCF for access to French nationality" was specifically designed to meet the provisions relating to the control of knowledge of the French language for applicants for the acquisition of French nationality.
The certificate of the "TCF for access to French nationality" is valid only for a file of application for acquisition of the French nationality by marriage or by naturalization.

The "TCF for access to French nationality" includes two obligatory tests:
  • oral comprehension (29 questions). Duration of this test: 30 minutes.
  • oral expression (3 tasks). Duration of this test: 12 minutes.

Tarifs :

  • Obligatory tests (1h30): 83€
  • Optional oral test (15 min): 70€
  • Optional written test (1h45): 50€

Good to know

  • Registration up to 7 days before the exam.
  • Test results at the end of the test,
  • Certification of results in the week following the examination.

Taking the TCF ANF allows the candidate to obtain his results at the end of the test and his attestation of results within the week.

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Date of update December 21, 2018